Insurance companies require a survey so you can renew or acquire insurance.  My background helps me to understand  insurance companies and  to present any potential concerns in an appropriate manner.  They worry about things that would cause your boat to:

Blow up, Burn up, or Sink.


​​Brad, I’ve had a chance to read through the report and it appears to accurately represent what I saw.  The report PDF displayed fine on my computer, and I’ve printed and bound a hard copy for my files.  All pictures came through crisp and with accurate color.  I appreciate your thoroughness, candor and randomly injected humor.  Not only is the report informative, but the recommendations and suggestions will be helpful as we enter ownership of this boat.  I will definitely keep your information at hand if a future need arises.  Furthermore, please feel free to use me as a reference if needed.  Respectfully, Steve 

Brad I found your report to be done in an extremely professional manner with great attention to detail of all the events, observations and circumstances relative to the partial sea trial that took place on 8/27 2018.  Surprisingly after your trip to Puerto Rico in which you consumed half of the islands rum, you were able to put this masterpiece together and I would recommend you to any parties looking to have a surveyor in the Osage Missouri area. My concerns regarding this vessel are absolutely consistent with your findings and recommendations. Thank you for your survey and the professional manner in which you conduct your business. Should I ever have the opportunity to look at another vessel in the Lake of Ozarks Missouri, you may trust that you will be contacted to conduct that survey as well, thank you.  Al.


If someone is disputing the value of a vessel, I will be diligent in determining its likely market value.  We use market comparisons as well as professional subscription tools such as  Buc Value Pro, Sold Boats, etc.

Thank you for your business!

Another type of survey is one done to determine Condition and Value.  Maybe you're considering selling your boat and want to ensure you're selling a vessel with no known major deficiencies.  My survey will detail the condition of your vessel.



Believe it or not, I've never been drunk, but I did go to Puerto Rico.... :-)   

     One of the engines blew up and the owner was lying about not knowing there were existing problems.

What sets me apart from most other surveyors is my insurance background.  I understand what information the industry is looking for and what their concerns are in order to provide you coverage.

I also, really appreciate the opportunity to work for you.   When you hire me, I serve you.  If it's a pre-purchase inspection, I do my best to show you any deficiencies so you can make an informed buying decision.

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